The dreams that keep us alive

13. Juli 2000

Had one of these dreams last night, something very strange about an expedition through a desert. A film star known from the Western Genre (I know the face but not the name) was making lots of fuss about him being the leader of the expedition. He kept saying that none of us has any chance of survival unless we follow his advice. I kept thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem with my 6-wheel-drive car.

Well, anyway, it was the last night before the big expedition, and I was lying in bed in a big tent, listening to the still talking filmstar out there at the campfire, and what do I feel if not the arm of *someone* around my waist…

And there I was with the boy I sometimes meet but hardly ever touch suddenly by my side, and in my dream, it was completely natural.

So much for dreaming.

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