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18. Juni 2001

The Music is right,
just right for tonight
Sitting here

Opening another pack of
thinking that I wanted to
smoke less
but who cares
it’s alright.


it’s all wrong.
Sitting here
wondering why
Eva Umbauer sounds so
different tonight,

maybe she’s drunk
or maybe she’s got
a cold

but who cares
it’s alright


it’s all wrong.
Maybe I should
have a glass of wine
but that
doesn’t feel right

not tonight
talked to some
people I like
over the phone
and things are
running smoothly
it’s alright, it’s

it’s all wrong.
I’ll switch off the
lights now and
leave the radio on

and maybe
I’ll sleep
or maybe
I’ll be awake
I know I’m gonna dream
It’s alright


It’s all wrong.

”…and the next song is a song about good drugs and bad sex…”

”…and if the truth won’t make you happy, what will you do?”

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